Mission Elmira - Air Movement Table - Mission Elmira

Mission Elmira

Serial Airborne Unit Troop carrier Group # of C-47s # of gliders UK Base Landing Zone LZ Time
30 Btty C/HQ 80th AAA Bn
82d Abn Div Arty
82nd Signal Co
437th TCG 26 8 Waco
18 Horsa
RAF Ramsbury W 2110
31 82nd Abn Recon Plat
82nd Signal Co
Div HQ
307th Abn Medic Co
438th TCG 50 14 Waco
36 Horsa
RAF Greenham Common W 2120
32 319th Glid FA Bn
307th Abn Medic Co
Co A 307th Abn Engr Bn
82nd Abn Div Arty
436th TCG 50 2 Waco
48 Horsa
RAF Membury O 2300
33 320th Glid FA Bn 435th TCG 50 12 Waco
38 Horsa
RAF Welford O 2310



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