Miriya Parina Sterling

Miriya Parina Sterling, voiced by Edie Mirman, is one of the fictional characters in the anime television series Robotech. She is the self-styled "finest combat pilot in all the Zentraedi forces." She is distinguished by her slim figure, green eyes and her long green hair.

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Zentradi - In Robotech
... In April 2011, Lieutenant Miriya Parina, regarded as the finest Zentraedi fighter pilot and warrior in the fleet, defects as a result of having fallen in love with Human Ace pilot ... Miriya Perina willingly becoming the mate of a Human- only further effects the Zentraedi ... During the resulting battle, Miriya convinced her husband to attack specific points of Zentraedi mecha to disable them rather than kill them out as a gesture of goodwill ...
Miriya Parina Sterling - Secondary Continuity
... For Miriya, the emotional changes she experiences during the series are profound ... At the beginning of the series, Miriya is a ruthless Zentraedi warrior who has known nothing but war her entire life ... her breast, and just looking at her, it was all Miriya could do to keep from weeping for joy ...

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