Minuscule 892 - Text


The Greek text of the codex, is a representative of the late Alexandrian text-type, with some the Byzantine readings. It is one of the most important of all minuscule manuscripts. It contains many remarkable readings of an early type. According to the Claremont Profile Method it represents the Alexandrian text-type as a core member.

It is probably the best survived minuscule witness to the Gospels. Aland placed it in Category II.

Matthew 19:16

διδασκαλε (teacher) — א, B, D, L, f1, 892txt, 1010, 1365, 5, ita, d, e, ff1, copbo, eth, geo, Origen, Hilary;
διδασκαλε αγαθε (good teacher) — C, K, W, Δ, Θ, f13, 28, 33, 565, 700, 892mg, 1009, 1071, 1079, 1195, 1216, 1230, 1241, 1242, 1253, 1344, 1546, 1646, 2148, 2174, Byz, Lect, it, vg, syr, copsa, arm, eth, Diatessaron.

In Mark 6:33 it has textual reading ἐκεῖ καὶ προῆλθον αὐτούς along with Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, 0187 (omit εκει), 49, 69, 70, 299, 303, 333, 1579, ( 950 αυτους), itaur, vg, (copsa, bo).

In Mark 10:7 phrase και προσκολληθησεται προς την γυναικα αυτου (and be joined to his wife) is omitted, as in codices Codex Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Codex Athous Lavrensis, 48, syrs, goth.

In Luke 4:17 it has textual variant καὶ ἀνοίξας τὸ βιβλίον (and opened the book) together with the manuscripts A, B, L, W, Ξ, 33, 1195, 1241, 547, syrs, h, pal, copsa, bo, against variant καὶ ἀναπτύξας τὸ βιβλίον (and unrolled the book) supported by א, Dc, K, Δ, Θ, Π, Ψ, f1, f13, 28, 565, 700, 1009, 1010 and many other manuscripts.

In John 1:28 it has textual variant Βηθαραβα together with the Codex Sinaiticus (second corrector), syrh and several other manuscripts.

In John 6:1 it reads της θαλασσης της Γαλιλαιας εις τα μερη της Τιβεριαδος – along with Codex Bezae, Θ, 1009, 1230, 1253.

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