Minibike - Types


Today minibikes have evolved into several specialized types.


These look like sport bikes and are used in pocketbike racing on kart racing tracks. The usual height is less than 50 cm (20 in), and up to 1 m (3 ft 3 in) length. The engine usually packs a 39–50 cc (2.4–3.1 cu in) two-stroke engine with a maximum of 4.5–6 horsepower (3.4–4.5 kW). Maximum speed varies between 30 to 64 km/h (19 to 40 mph). Pocketbikes are also made in both four-stroke gasoline and electric versions. The popularity of these types of minibikes grew due to the influx of cheap pocket bikes imported from China. Brands from P.R. China are V-Racer and Sendai.

Pit bikes

Pit bikes are true to the original concept of a small scooter used to quickly move around the pit areas of motor racing tracks and events. They look like motocross motorcycles and are also used in some motocross competitions. Recently the sport of mini moto (racing pit bikes on motocross and supercross tracks) has taken off. There are numerous series in the United States and there are also full fledged mini moto pros. The Las Vegas Mini Supercross is the biggest mini moto event of the year.

Mini bike/pitbike racing

Pitbike racing takes the form of Supermoto racing using a form of pitbike or minibike with a wheel size of 10 inches front and rear with supermoto slick tires. The bikes are prepared for racing with precautions such as catch tanks to collect possible fluid spills on the track causing possible skidding hazards.

Mini choppers

Mini choppers are mini bikes that look like choppers, but still have the general look of a pocket or mini bike.

Midi motos

Midi motos are similar to the pocket bike style but they are slightly larger. They are still tiny in comparison to a real bike of their replication but the seat height is about a foot to two foot higher than a mini motos seat height. They started off with 47cc 2 stroke engines (capable of around 48–64 km/h/30-40 mph) in the midi motos and then all the way to 110cc 4 stroke engines (capable of around 86–105 km/h/55-65 mph). Most midi bikes are made in China and usually outfitted with a Honda engine or replication of a Honda style engine.

Quad bikes
Mini bikes that look like quad bikes which are four-wheeled off-road motorcycles (all terrain vehicles).

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