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The Camarilla

The Camarilla is the official worldwide fan organization of White Wolf. They have affiliate organizations across the world playing a distributed role-playing game in which thousands of players assume the roles of the World of Darkness' inhabitants. Despite being separated by distance, many of these players (through e-mail, IRC, and conventions) have characters in the same world, or chronicle. Some Camarilla regions (such as Camarilla UK) run their own storylines independent of the global setting.

It also has traditional and computer-assisted role-playing games in addition to the LARPs.

September 26. 2010, It was announced that the Camarilla will no longer be owned and ran by White Wolf/CCP, and would become a NPO again. Because of the trademark on The Camarilla, the club will change its name to "Mind's Eye Society" in the US.

The Camarilla hosts venues of both Old World of Darkness and New World of Darkness.

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