Milton Keynes College Lions Basketball Academy

Milton Keynes College Lions Basketball Academy

The Milton Keynes Lions College Lions, are a basketball academy team from Milton Keynes, England, with all players attending Milton Keynes College.The academy is coached, funded and run by a partnership between Milton Keynes College, and the 'London Lions' professional basketball team, who play in the British Basketball League.

The College academy team, is regarded throughout the British college leagues, as one of the best teams in the country, alongside Hackney Community College and Barking Abbey of East London.

The team achieved this status, after their 2008/2009 season (their second season), where they went undefeated in all SESSA competitions, winning the cup, knocking out Hackney in the process, and beating them twice in the league to top the table undefeated. They came second in the British Colleges Elite league to Hackney, losing once, and lost to Hackney in the Final of the British Colleges Cup, and reaching the Final Fours in the playoffs.

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