Milton Jackson

Milton Jackson (real name Barry Christie) is a music producer specialising in house music. He is from Glasgow.

Famous quotes containing the words jackson and/or milton:

    Tell my son how anxious I am that he may read and learn his Book, that he may become the possessor of those things that a grateful country has bestowed upon his papa—Tell him that his happiness through life depends upon his procuring an education now; and with it, to imbibe proper moral habits that can entitle him to the possession of them.
    —Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    List Lady be not coy, and be not cosen’d
    With that same vaunted name Virginity,
    Beauty is natures coyn, must not be hoorded,
    But must be current, and the good thereof
    Consists in mutual and partak’n bliss,
    Unsavoury in th’injoyment of it self
    If you let slip time, like a neglected rose
    It withers on the stalk with languish’t head.
    —John Milton (1608–1674)