Millennium '73 - Festival - Stage, Signs and Effects

Stage, Signs and Effects

Architect and follower Larry Bernstein said he designed the stage not for the audience in the Astrodome, but for the TV cameras. The 35 feet (11 m)-high multilevel set fit easily at one end of the field under the dome's 300 feet (91 m) roof. The set, made of glowing white Plexiglas, was described as striking in appearance, yet, it was reportedly dwarfed by the vast size of the Astrodome. At the highest level was the guru's throne. Lower levels held the "Holy Family", the mahatmas (sometimes described as the priests or apostles of the DLM), and the Blue Aquarius band led by Bhole Ji Rawat, who wore a silver-sequined suit while conducting. Red carpeting covered the AstroTurf.

Projected on huge white screens above the set were rainbows and images of the turmoil of the 1960s. The Astrolite, Astrodome's enormous electronic signboard, flashed animated fireworks (the same that were shown during ballgames), representations of Maharaj Ji, and a variety of slogans, scriptural citations, and announcements:

  • Sugar is Sweet/So are You/Guru Maharaj Ji
  • The Holy Breath will fill this place/And you will be baptized in Holy Breath
  • All premies interested in doing/Propagation in Morocco please contact/Millennium Information at the Royal Coach Inn
  • Happiness is not in the material world. It is the property of God
  • Attention, Attention/Please do not run and dance/Thank you, Guru Maharaj Ji
  • Realize heaven on earth
  • You will sit in your assigned places, please

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