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As part of the wider Structure of the British Army, three Divisions and London District act as regional commands within the UK reporting to Army Headquarters at Andover. They are responsible for training subordinate formations and units under their command for operations in the UK, such as Military Aid to the Civil Community, as well as training units for overseas deployments. This task leads to them being described as Regenerative Divisions. These divisions would only be required to generate field formations in the event of a general war.

  • 2nd Division - (Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England)
    • 15th (North East) Brigade
    • 38th (Irish) Brigade
    • 42nd (North West) Brigade
    • 51st (Scottish) Brigade
    • Catterick Garrison
  • 4th Division - (East Midlands and South East England)
    • 2nd (South East) Brigade
    • 43rd (Wessex) Brigade
    • 145th (South) Brigade
    • Aldershot Garrison
  • 5th Division - (Wales, West Midlands and South West England)
    • 49th (Eastern) Brigade
    • 143rd (West Midlands) Brigade
    • 160th (Wales) Brigade
    • Colchester Garrison
  • London District

London District is responsible for the maintenance of capability for the defence of the capital and the provision of ceremonial units and garrisons for the Queen's Guard in London.

There are also military formations permanently located around the world, including in several of the British overseas territories:

  • British Forces Germany
  • British Forces Cyprus
  • British Forces Gibraltar
  • British Military Garrison Brunei
  • British Forces South Atlantic

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