Military Decorations of Mexico - Medal of Technical Merit


Medal of Technical Merit

The Condecoración al Mérito Técnico is presented to Army or Air Force personnel who invent or develop useful materials, methods, or reforms that contribute greatly to national defense or the benefit of the armed forces.

Description: Gilt or silver 8-pointed star of multiple rays, bearing large red central medallion with a faceted gilt 5-pointed star, surrounded by a white band inscribed, Mérito Técnico Militar. Surrounding this band is a silver wreath of laurel and oak. Suspended by a small replica of the Mexican eagle from a green and white ribbon according to class, with a gilt or silver bar at top inscribed, Mexico.

  • 1st Class - gilt medal; light green ribbon with medium-wide white edges
  • 2nd Class - silver medal; ribbon has five equal stripes, three white and two light green

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