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United States Air Force. In the 1960s around a dozen MiG-21s arrived to the USAF from various sources. Though from the American point of view the details are a closely held secret, from non-US sources it is well known that six ex-Algerian MiG-21F-13s landed at an airbase in Egypt and were captured by Israeli forces, and that four of these were given to the USAF.

The famous "007" MiG-21F-13 of an Iraqi defector to Israel was also handed over to the Americans; further, at least 13 MiG-21F-13s were sent from Indonesia to the USA by President Suharto in the early 1970s. Most of these were not flown in the US, but were taken apart and examined in detail. The US Air Force is reported to have purchased at least 16 MiG-21MF Fishbed Js from Egypt in 1978 as from 1977 to 1988 Constant Peg Program saw USAF, Navy and Marine fighters flying against Soviet-designed MiG fighters as part of a training where American pilots could better learn how to defeat or evade the Communist bloc's contemporary fighters. It is believed that some few years later the USAF acquired from Egypt two additional Su-20 Fitters and two MiG-21U Fishbeds. In 1986 a dozen Mig-21s were purchased from China, and Indonesian Migs were retired.

There was at least one MiG-21F-13, however, that was officially operated by the US Air Force as photographs prove. This MiG-21F-13 was given the USAF serial number 68-0965 and was intensively flight-tested in a programme codenamed "Have Doughnut" that took place from January 23 to April 8, 1968. According to some reports, this MiG-21F-13 was the "007" handed over by the Israeli Air Force. It was tested together with a number of other aircraft, including an F-8 Crusader, an F-4B Phantom and a B-52. The final report concluded that the MiG-21F-13 was comparable to USAF types and though it was lacking in range and payload, it was "very manoeuvrable with an excellent rate of climb and acceleration, making it a good interceptor." Its "smokeless" engine was singled out for special praise. Later variants were almost certainly tested after 1969; this is lent weight by the crash of a MiG-23M on Nellis Range on April 26, 1984 in which the pilot, LtGen Robert M. Bond was killed, which suggests that the reports of an organisation called "Red Hat Squadron" have a basis in fact.

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