Midreshet Ha Rova

Midreshet HaRova (Hebrew: מדרשת הרובע‎) is a Religious Zionist Jewish seminary located in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. The all-female seminary is known for its strong push for Aliyah. Amongst the plethora of post-High School seminaries for non-Israelis, the Overseas program is regarded as well rounded, inviting for all levels of learning.

HaRova is also known for its strong record for winning competitions; mirroring previous years of success, in 2010-2011 HaRova placed first in the InterSeminary Basketball Competition, Kedma Choir Competition, and second in the Yeshiva University art competition.

Founded in 1993, it now has more than a dozen programs, for women of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities. The post-high school yearlong Overseas Program attracts students across the globe; students in previous years have come from Argentina, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Canada, and from different states in the U.S.. Israelis who have completed their Sherut Leumi (mandatory national service) also partake in a yearlong study program in the Midrasha. Overseas students are able to live alongside the Israelis in several HaRova-owned apartments, while those who choose to live in the dorm building only live with non-Israelis.

Between 50%-60% of the classes are taught in Hebrew, some are given in French, and the rest are given in English. An Ulpan is also offered for students wishing to learn Hebrew. Classes are offered in various subjects such as Torah, Nevi'im (Prophets), Ketuvim (Writings), Machshava (thought provoking subjects), Gemara, Halacha (Jewish Law), and independent study.

The director is Rabbi David Milston, a British national.