Midnight Sun Marathon

Midnight Sun Marathon may refer to:

  • Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway
  • Nunavut Midnight Sun Marathon in Canada
  • Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska

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Efnysien - Character Analysis
... not into it, and therefore the sacrifice actually was a dedication of Gwern to a Sun cult, as Celts worshipped Sun by leaping over fires and driving cattle between bonfires during Beltain ... an onslaught was that Irish did not approve when their prince was kidnapped for the Sun cult ... Thus Virpiranta sees Efnisien as a Sun god and therefore the Welsh equivalent to Esus ...
Yellow Sun
... Yellow Sun was the first British operational high-yield strategic nuclear weapon ... warhead (or physics package) was known as "Green Grass" (in Yellow Sun Mk.1) and "Red Snow" (in Yellow Sun Mk.2) ...
Sun - Observation and Effects
... The brightness of the sun can cause pain from looking at it with the naked eye, although doing so for brief periods is not hazardous for normal, non-dilated eyes ... Looking directly at the Sun causes phosphene visual artifacts and temporary partial blindness ... depends on general exposure to solar UV, not on whether one looks directly at the Sun ...
Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon - Midnight Sun Marathon
... The Midnight Sun Marathon first started in 1989 and has runners from most of the world, attracted by its special feature of running in the midnight sun ... The field record of the marathon is 23822 for women and 22056 for men ...

Famous quotes containing the words marathon, midnight and/or sun:

    The mountains look on Marathon
    And Marathon looks on the sea;
    And musing there an hour alone,
    I dreamed that Greece might still be free;
    For standing on the Persians’ grave,
    I could not deem myself a slave.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)

    The contest ends at midnight tonight
    But you can submit again, and again.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    The sun was like a great visiting presence that stimulated and took its due from all animal energy. When it flung wide its cloak and stepped down over the edge of the fields at evening, it left behind it a spent and exhausted world.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)