Midlands State University - Fully Semesterised University

Fully Semesterised University

Midlands State University is a fully semesterised and modularised University. Enrolment takes place twice a year, in March and in August. Modules offered at any level in a semester are available at the same level during the next semester. This arrangement gives an opportunity to those students who, at the end of a semester are required to 'carry' or 'repeat' failed modules to do so in the next semester.

Students enrolled at MSU study for four-year or five-year degree programmes spending their Third Level on Work Related Learning in industry and other relevant work places. The University stresses entrepreneurial skills so that graduates can either be formally or self-employed. Work Related Learning is a contemporary approach to teaching and learning which requires a student to spend some time during the course of study on ?hands on' practical experience in the relevant field


B.Sc Honours in Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Information Systems is a unique programme this programme will concentrate primarily on the applications of information technology within business organisations. These applications include the conventional use of computing for financial management applicable in all organisations, and systems of controlling stock and processing orders in manufacturing organisations, and extend to the use of more advanced techniques for strategic decision-making.

However, this will not be a programme for end - users of information technology, but rather will provide you with the ability to identify solutions to problems raised within business organisations, so that you can design, implement, install and evaluate appropriate information technology solutions. The programme, thus, covers two main themes: study of the methods of information technology and the study of how business organisations operate and can effectively exploit IT.


Normal Entry

A prospective student must satisfy the Entry Regulations specified in the General and Faculty of Science Regulations. The student must have obtained a PASS at 'A' level in at least two of the following subjects or their recognised equivalents:

Mathematics(at least B) and either Accounting(at least B), M.O.B, Geography, Technical Graphics or Economics.

Special Entry Requirements

Information Systems

National Diploma (HEXICO) Computer Studies or Accounting with at least four (4) Distinctions


Analyst Programmers Computer Systems Auditors Systems Analyst IT Manager Software Engineers Website Designers Network and Systems Administrators Database Administrators Network Engineers Hardware Technicians

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