Midasminus - List of Experiments - 2-Series


Num Pod Color Nickname Short Description Episode
200 Adam Leroy & Stitch
201 White Geigenstein This experiment was one of the pods in Mrs. Hasagawa's dish that was not activated. Function unknown. 220
202 Red Jam A purple bat/lizard-like experiment with four arms, a lion-like tail, large wings on his shoulders and a Stitch-like face. Designed to jam radars with his high-pitched screech. Activated at the end of Stitch! The Movie, although his pod was mislabeled as 455. Stitch! The Movie
203 Green Snipe Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Function unknown. Stitch! The Movie
204 Green Nosox A gray experiment shaped like a four-legged washing machine. Designed to make socks disappear. 204 was among the 12 new pods Lilo and Stitch brought home. Nosox was one of the experiments rescued in "Snafu", because Gantu caught him around "Amnesio". 137, 226
205 Cheney Seen in pod form. Function unknown. 206
206 Maggie Leroy & Stitch
207 Barcode Leroy & Stitch
208 Hoax Leroy & Stitch
209 Smoot Leroy & Stitch
210 Blue Retro A small orange dinosaur-like experiment with a purple nose, tiny gold-tipped ears, gold markings on his back and spots around his eyes and a thick, short tail and legs. Designed to turn enemy weapons and technology into their most primitive state by wrapping his tongue around the object, rendering the object useless as he lets go. This process also works on people and other items, and it can be reversed by spanking 210's bottom three times while his tongue is wrapped around the de-evolved person or thing. His one true place is making a prehistoric zoo. 214, 224, Leroy and Stitch
211 Jangle Leroy & Stitch
212 2-Late Leroy & Stitch
213 UHF Leroy & Stitch
214 Pix A blue camera-like experiment with arms with three legs similar to a tripod. Designed to take only bad pictures of people. He takes the pictures with his "nose" and develops the pictures like a Polaroid camera with the pictures coming out of his mouth. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220
215 Crammer Leroy & Stitch
216 Key Leroy & Stitch
217 Rat Leroy & Stitch
218 Target Leroy & Stitch
219 Missy Leroy & Stitch
220 Millie A giant green millipede-like experiment with a koala-like face, a wide mouth, a big blue nose, black eyes, Nosy-like ears and ten short tentacle limbs. Designed to plug the holes in an air filter crucial to all H-drives. Leroy & Stitch
221 Yellow Sparky A small light yellow Chinese dragon/Monkey/Gecko-like creature with skinny arms, legs, and body, a slightly twisted yet pointed tail, a large head with a wide mouth, a round nose, dark blue eyes and long antennae that can create crippling electric surges. His body can turn into an electrical current, so he can also fly or travel through outlets, power lines, and machines. He was the first experiment that Lilo and Stitch turned from bad to good and first appeared in Stitch! The Movie. His one true place is powering the old lighthouse that had been abandoned for requiring too much electricity, though he offers Stitch aid. He is voiced by Frank Welker in the series. He was part of the rescue team in "Snafu". Sparky also appears as a boss in the PSP game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, fighting Terra within Gantu's ship. 226, Stitch! The Movie, Leroy and Stitch
222 Green Poxy A tiny pale green-grey germ-like experiment with pink-purple spots and four white grey-tipped antennae. Designed to transmit disease to popular planetary leaders and disable them. The symptoms are purple pimples, smelly feet, a swollen eye, and uncontrollable burping. When he turns to good, he could cure health problems. Ends up with (actually in) Gantu. Was rescued in "Snafu" and later uses his powers to cure people according to a game in the DVD for Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille. 101, 226
223 Green Glitch A bright green experiment with a round torso, pudgy arms and legs, a large round head with little mouth, round nose, dark green eyes, a small arrow-shaped mark above his face (In his episode, his marking was originally V-shaped) and two thin antennae that resembles a cross between Morpholomew (316) and Poxy (222). Designed to turn technology against its user by entering machines and making them malfunction, operating like a computer virus. Lilo tricked him into being downloaded into her video game. He was released as of Leroy and Stitch to help fight the Leroy clones. His one true place is Lilo's video game, rendering the games harder. 224
224 Tweak Designed to reset important valves and dials to “maximum chaos.” Leroy & Stitch
225 Mashy A light blue dinosaur-like experiment, with a huge mouth, with tiny horns above each nostril, 2 large ears, and a large body. Designed to crush orbs of precious Uburnium in his mouth, which Clip (177) was originally made to do, due to an error on Jumba's part, Uburnium being close to the word for hair on his planet. Leroy & Stitch
226 Combo Leroy & Stitch
227 Butter A large tan mammoth-like creature with two tiny little antennae, a big round green nose instead of trunk, green markings on his back, legs at the middle of his torso with external toes, a big hump near his face, and tusks as large as the entire front of his body. Able to batter through even the thickest doors. Leroy & Stitch
228 Green Melty A small red dragon-like experiment with small bat-like wings, a reptilian head with thin pointed ears, black eyes and a thin body. Designed to melt enemy fortresses, weapons, and transportation, among other things, with the bright blue blasts from his mouth. His one true place is burning metal at the recycling plant. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille. 134
229 Kingpin An unlucky experiment that looks like a yellow bowling pin with rabbit ears. Designed as a target for military war games. Leroy & Stitch
230 Checkup Leroy & Stitch
231 Blue Sprok Seen in pod form in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch special feature the experiment profiler. Function unknown. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
232 Green Poser Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Function unknown. Stitch! The Movie
233 Pitch Leroy & Stitch
234 Green Shush A pink weasel-like experiment with large ears and a speaker at the end of her tail. Designed to eavesdrop on private enemy conversations. To stop her from eavesdropping, someone has to pat her on the head. Her one true place is with Cobra Bubbles as a CIA operative. 222
235 White Docker This experiment was one of the pods in Mrs. Hasagawa's dish that was not activated. Function unknown. 220
236 Green Charger Seen in pod form in the game "Stitch Speed Chase" on the Disney website. Function unknown. Leroy & Stitch
237 Blip Leroy & Stitch
238 Green Bworp Seen in pod form in Stitch Speed Chase on the Disney Site. Leroy & Stitch
239 Clickster This experiment is mentioned in "Drowsy" when Pleakley said, "experiment 239 designed to cause traffic jams" However he does not cause traffic jams, he was mistaken for Stopgo, experiment 102. Its actual function is unknown. Leroy & Stitch
240 Sap Leroy & Stitch
241 Press-5 Leroy & Stitch
242 Brownout Leroy & Stitch
243 Pane Leroy & Stitch
244 Bore Leroy & Stitch
245 Sournote Leroy & Stitch
246 Creamer Leroy & Stitch
247 Qwerty Presumably named after QWERTYUIOP, the top row of keys on a computer keyboard. Leroy & Stitch
248 Belle A small blue experiment with a forkpitch-shaped head with an upside-down arrow-shaped mark on her forehead, a small body, thin arms and a small lion-like tail and that looks like a cross between Holio and Heat. Designed to scare people with a loud high-pitched shriek. Her one true place is Nani's alarm clock. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle. 216
249 Sproing A dark blue and white roughly koala-like experiment with a spring-like body, a wide mouth, round nose, dark eyes, two little ears and little antennae. Designed to launch boulders. Her one true place is helping people reach high places. Leroy & Stitch
250 Lacrosse Leroy & Stitch
251 Green Link A small yellow Grundo-like experiment with red eyes and long antennae that shoot a sticky substance that will only dissolve in mud. Designed to bind together incompatible individuals, usually by the hand or wrist. His one true place is helping arguing couples bungee jump. 212
252 Crete Leroy & Stitch
253 Uncrete Leroy & Stitch
254 Mr. Stenchy An irresistibly cute pink experiment with a big head with big blue eyes, puffy antennae and a small hair, a small body, and a fluffy stomach. Designed to trick his enemies into taking him into their homes. Once there, Mr. Stenchy lets out a noxious odor, released 42 hours after activation. Mr. Stenchy's one true place on Pleakley's home planet, where his stench is considered a rare and valuable perfume. Somehow he ended up back on Earth for Leroy & Stitch, stench-free, suggesting he can either control the smell or it wears off after a while. He is voiced by Frank Welker. 107
255 Mrs. Sickly Leroy & Stitch
256 Addy Leroy & Stitch
257 Rattat Leroy & Stitch
258 White Sample A small bright orange koala/cat-like experiment with a wide mouth, a big round nose which functions as a microphone,stubby and soft paws, fluffy stomach, black pupil-less eyes,and big round ears resembling speakers. Designed to annoy enemies by looping random sounds with his mouth or his ears and can also climb walls. His one true place is providing backbeats for an originally rhythm-less musical group. Was in the rescue mission for "Snafu." He copies voices from Lilo,stitch,and experiments 138, 226
259 Rash Leroy & Stitch
260 GPS Leroy & Stitch
261 B. V. Beaverton Leroy & Stitch
262 Yellow Ace A bright red, roughly koala/dragon/superhero-like experiment with a muscular body, yellow chest and stomach,a manly face, white gloves-style front paws, a wide mouth, a blue nose, dark eyes, pointed ears and small antennae as well as four arms, super strength, warm ice-melting breath, and dazzling teeth. 262 has one fatal error: he has no evil function; a failed experiment that is pure good, and to top it off, he is the only experiment programmed not to cause trouble. When Jumba had his membership revoked from E.G.O. (Evil Genius Organization), Lilo and Stitch tried to trick the head of E.G.O. into thinking that Jumba was still evil. The plan worked until the head of E.G.O. saw a screen of Ace rescuing a cat from a house on fire. His one true place is balancing out Jumba's evil and acting as a local do-gooder. His experiment number - 262- is the "opposite" of 626 - Stitch's number; Ace is pure good, and Stitch had been pure evil but Stitch is now pure good. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett. 220
263 SFS Leroy & Stitch
264 Poach Leroy & Stitch
265 Wip Leroy & Stitch
266 10x Leroy & Stitch
267 Green Wishy-Washy A lavender-bluish teddy bear-like experiment with fairy-like wings that enable him to fly. He also has a "wand" on his head that lights up every time a wish is granted, and is also good for throwing an unsuspecting opponent, like Stitch. Designed to be a wish giver that grants any wish he hears, but the wishes are granted literally and may not turn out quite as expected. In addition to rejecting wishes for more wishes, he also has a wish limit, indicated by a small meter on his stomach which starts out completely red. As wishes are granted, the meter slowly goes down. When white, all the wishes are gone, and 267 is deemed useless. 221
268 Celsenheit Leroy & Stitch
269 Gyrotta Leroy & Stitch
270 Gillmore Leroy & Stitch
271 Noso Leroy & Stitch
272 Mamf Leroy & Stitch
273 Boxboom Leroy & Stitch
274 Green Alexander An experiment designed to make lots of long distance telephone calls. He makes calls on your phone to run up the cost on your phone bill. One of the 12 new pods found by Lilo & Stitch. His name is obviously taken from Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 137
275 White Wormhole Although Wormhole already has this number, Tickle-Tummy takes the number in Japan. Leroy and Stitch
276 Green Remmy A blue experiment with a huge head that resembles a Pac-Man ghost. Designed to enter a sleeping person's head and turn dreams into nightmares. If the person wakes up while he is still inside, 276 will remain there permanently to turn all future dreams into nightmares. Also, 276 was designed to attack at peak of the subconscious enjoyment. His one true place is making virtual reality games. His name is in reference to the REM stage of sleep, in which dreams occur. He is voiced by Rob Paulson 215, Leroy and Stitch
277 Red or White Snooty A light purple bat-like experiment with a furless, triangle-like body, little legs, two fingers and a thumb on each of his wings, hardly any neck, fanged wide mouth, two little nostrils, pointed ears and black eyes. Designed to find and enrich "Snootonium," a rare element that becomes extremely dangerous once enriched. Snootonium has a similar chemical makeup as that of mucus on Earth. To help clear her sinuses, Lilo's friend Victoria decides to keep Snooty as a pet, as his one true place. In Mrs.Hasagawa's cats, he was in he's pod and it was white. 213 and 220
278 Pasthole Leroy & Stitch
279 Yellow Futurehole Seen in pod form in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch special feature the experiment profiler. Function unknown. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
280 Benedict Arnold Leroy & Stitch
281 Ray Leroy & Stitch
282 Click Leroy & Stitch
283 Quarklifter Leroy & Stitch
284 Pixel Leroy & Stitch
285 Green Lax A purple parrot-like experiment with a small antenna, a beak and tail feathers. He is designed to fire a green ray from his antenna that will cause anything it hits to stop working, and can also climb walls. A person hit with 285's ray will relax, and a machine hit with the ray will shut down. The ray can be blocked or bounced off reflective surfaces. However, the ray wears off in time. the Disney's Recess gang helps Lilo capture lax. His one true place is at the airport, making grouchy business people enjoy their vacation. Leroy & Stitch
286 Red Gellasifier Seen in pod form in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch special feature the experiment profiler. Function unknown. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
287 Burl Leroy & Stitch
288 Boomer A small white and brown experiment with a curved head and lightweight body. Designed to be a living boomerang. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220, Leroy & Stitch
289 Red Stringulator Seen in pod form in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch special feature the experiment profiler. Function unknown. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
290 U-port Leroy & Stitch
291 Catalyst Leroy & Stitch
292 Whatsamattafoyou Leroy & Stitch
293 Vacuum Leroy & Stitch
294 Poppapoppup Leroy & Stitch
295 Spineless Leroy & Stitch
296 Green Crash Seen in pod form in Stitch Speed Chase on the Disney Site. Leroy & Stitch
297 Green Shortstuff A red-orange crab-like experiment with four claws, four legs, dark blue eyes and two antennae on his head, able to swivel at the waist more than 360°. He is designed to destroy machinery by going inside and cutting the mechanism and electrical wiring. His size was greatly increased by accident, thanks to Jumba's shrink ray. His one true place is as an amusement park ride. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright. 133
298 Cat Leroy & Stitch
299 Dimensionator Leroy & Stitch

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