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Sync Services For FeedSync

The Sync Services for FeedSync provider can be used to help synchronize replicas by creating a FeedSync enabled feed, either in RSS or ATOM formats, which can then be subscribed to by interested parties. The provider can also be used to extract items from a FeedSync feed and merge the changes back to the data store. Sync Services for FeedSync uses another provider to connect to the data store.

Sync Services for FeedSync provides services that can be used to help synchronize the data of a replica with RSS and Atom feeds. (A replica is a particular repository of information to be synchronized.) By using the FeedSync producer service, a synchronization application can work with a synchronization provider to create a list of items from a replica and put them in an RSS or Atom XML stream. These items can then be published to interested subscribers. Similarly, the FeedSync consumer service helps a synchronization application take an input RSS or Atom XML stream, extract items from it, and then use a synchronization provider to apply only the appropriate changes to a replica. Because Sync Framework underlies the exchange of feed items, two feeds can be cross-subscribed and easily synchronized with one another as peers in a synchronization community. (A synchronization community is a set of replicas that keep their data synchronized with each other.)

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