Micrographia is a historic book by Robert Hooke, detailing the then thirty-year-old Hooke's observations through various lenses. Published in September 1665, the first major publication of the Royal Society, it was the first scientific best-seller, inspiring a wide public interest in the new science of microscopy. It is also notable for coining the biological term cell.

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Robert Hooke - Science - Microscopy
... In 1665 Hooke published Micrographia, a book describing microscopic and telescopic observations, and some original work in biology ... The hand-crafted, leather and gold-tooled microscope he used to make the observations for Micrographia, originally constructed by Christopher White in ... Micrographia also contains Hooke's, or perhaps Boyle and Hooke's, ideas on combustion ...
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... "Micrographia or, Some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses" ...