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Mickey Horton got a bad rep for never winning a case. He defended Salemnites for decades, many of his clients have ended up in jail for crimes they didn't commit. In the table, unless otherwise noted, Mickey represented the defendant. He spent a few years as assistant district attorney in the late 1980s.

Year Defendant Accused crime/case Verdict Actual culprit End result and other details
1966 Tom Horton negligence in death of Carl Sawyer case dismissed none Marie told the court just what had made Tom "unavoidably detained." She confessed to having attempted to commit suicide, and that thanks to Tom she was still alive. Because of Marie's testimony, it became clear to everyone that it had been impossible for Tom to visit Carl because he'd had an emergency happening in his own home. As a result, the case was dismissed.
1967 Susan Martin murder of David Martin acquitted on grounds of temporary insanity Susan Martin Mickey encouraged her to plead innocent by reason of insanity, but Susan plead guilty (by reason of insanity) instead. Then Susan escaped from prison, only to face Helen Martin, who was grief-stricken that her son was taken from her. Helen shot Susan in the chest. Susan survived but had a serious heart problem that Tom took care of later on.
1969 Bill Horton causing the death of Kitty Horton guilty of involuntary manslaughter—sentenced to five years in prison Bill Horton Bill refused to say exactly why he had gone to see Kitty the night that she suffered a heart attack (she had been blackmailing him with a taped conversation where Laura admitted that Michael was Bill's son), so they lost the case.
1976 Mickey Horton attempted murder of Bill Horton (sanity hearing) insane—sent to Bayview Sanitarium Mickey defended himself at a sanity hearing following his attempt to kill Bill Horton. He pretended to be calm and rational, but he lost the case after Laura's testimony, which stated that Mickey was well enough to be treated at home rather than in a sanitarium, was thrown out because it wasn't objective. Mickey lost control at that moment and tried to strangle Bill. Thus, he was sent to Bayview Sanitarium
1978 Julie Williams murder of Larry Atwood case dismissed Arlo Roberts They entered an innocent plea but things went downhill when details of Julie's relationship with Larry and the rape came out. They would've lost the case if the real culprit, Arlo Roberts, had not confessed at the last minute.
1981 David Banning attempted murder of Alex Marshall guilty—sentenced to three years in prison Eames, a hitman who worked for Stuart Whyland David never had a chance. Not only did all the witnesses damage Mickey's case, but Alex Marshall woke up from his coma and said that David had shot him.
1987 **Kimberly Brady (represented by Chris Kositchek, prosecuted by Mickey) murder of Emma Marshall guilty Gillian Forrester Mickey and fellow DA Leslie Landman won when they sent Kim to jail. However, Shane eventually helped trap Gillian and she is still in prison for the crime
1987 **Steve Johnson murder of Duke Johnson case dismissed Adrienne Johnson Mickey was the prosecutor in this case. During the trial, Adrienne finally remembered that she had killed Duke in self-defense, after he had raped her.
1988 Melissa Anderson poisoning Kayla Deveraux charged dropped Harper Deveraux Mickey represented Melissa when she was accused of poisoning Kayla. Harper Deveraux was the one who really poisoned Kayla, because he felt Kayla had betrayed Jack by being with Steve. Kayla later had the charges dropped.
1989 **Sally Wales attempted robbery of Brady Fish Market guilty—sentenced to 10 years in prison Sally Wales Mickey was the prosecutor in this case. Sally was a homeless teen who had held people at gunpoint at the Brady Fish Market so that she could be arrested and have her child in prison. Mickey was able to get the maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.
1989 **Cal Winters attempted murder of Roman Brady case dismissed Diana Colville Mickey was the prosecutor in this case. The case was dismissed when Diana remembered that she shot Roman.
1990 Kayla Brady murder of Marina Toscano guilty—sentenced to 10 years in prison Isabella Toscano Mickey was no longer D.A. so he defended Kayla in this case. The decision was later overturned when it was discovered that the real culprit was Isabella Toscano.
1990 Isabella Toscano murder of Marina Toscano innocent (self-defense) Isabella Toscano Isabella was found INNOCENT, after it was established that Isabella had acted in self-defense.
1990 Bo Brady being the Riverfront Raider guilty Bo Brady (with help from Emmy Borden) The day after Christmas, Bo's hearing took place. Mickey Horton asked Carly to testify on behalf of Bo. Emmy, who was madly in love with Bo, was asked to testify against him. She had to tell the judge exactly what Bo had done and she felt awful about this. After her testimony things didn't look too good for Bo. According to Mickey, Bo could go to jail for a long time. But then Carly took the stand and told the judge about Bo's personal circumstances at the time of his criminal activities. She told her about Hope's death and about Shawn D's accident, which was caused by Jencon. She also told the judge that no-one believed that Bo should be punished for what he had done. They all thought he was a hero. After hearing this, the judge decided to let Bo off with a one year probation and 1000 hours of community work.
1991 Lawrence Alamain (represented by Gregory Marchand, Jennifer represented by Mickey) rape of Jennifer Horton guilty—6 months in prison Lawrence Alamain
1992 Salem University Hospital wrongful death of Dean Lombard hospital not responsible none Mickey represented the hospital when it was sued by the Lombard family for the wrongful death of Dean Lombard. He won the case by establishing that Dean had a pre-existing medical condition that caused his death.
1994 Billie Reed murder of Curtis Brown (Reed) case dismissed Stefano DiMera Mickey almost lost the case. Just as the judge was about to pass sentence, Bo Brady decided to play attorney and helped her remember that Stefano DiMera had killed Curtis. The case against Billie was dismissed.
1995-96 John Black murder of Tony DiMera guilty Tony, self-inflicted gunshot wound John was in the gas chamber when Jack and Jennifer came in with evidence to save him. Years later it was discovered that it wasn't actually Tony who committed suicide. It was actually his cousin Andre DiMera.
1998 Jack Deveraux murder of Peter Blake guilty Peter wasn't really dead Jack went to jail, but escaped with Jennifer's help. They went on the run and Peter went after him. After staging Jennifer's "death," they were able to prove that Peter was still alive.
1998-99 Sami Brady murder of Franco Kelly guilty Lucas Roberts Sami was sentenced to death, but in reality Lucas killed Franco, who was attempting to murder his mother Kate. To protect her son, Kate framed Sami for the murder, but to save Sami she had Franco's dying friend Roberto Barelli confess to the killing on his deathbed freeing Sami and letting Lucas off the hook.
1998-99 Sami Brady custody battle over Will Roberts Lucas won custody of the boy none
Year? Mike Horton sexual harassment of Ali McIntyre the hospital board investigated this incident
2002 Bo and Hope Brady custody of JT Brady Glen Reiber won custody none
2003 Shawn Douglas Brady murder of Colin Murphy
2004 Tony DiMera murder of Roman Brady Case Dismissed Marlena Evans

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