Michael Caine (song)

Michael Caine (song)

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Keep Moving track listing
Side One
  1. "Keep Moving"
  2. "Michael Caine"
  3. "Turning Blue"
  4. "One Better Day"
  5. "March of the Gherkins"
  6. "Waltz into Mischief"
Side Two
  1. "Brand New Beat"
  2. "Victoria Gardens"
  3. "Samantha"
  4. "Time for Tea"
  5. "Prospects"
  6. "Give Me a Reason"
Divine Madness track listing
"The Sun and the Rain"
"Michael Caine"
"One Better Day"

"Michael Caine" is a song by British band Madness from their 1984 album Keep Moving, and was released as a single in the same year. "Michael Caine", written by the unique pairing of Carl Smyth and Daniel Woodgate, featured Smyth on lead vocals, which was unlike most Madness songs, which were sung by Suggs. "Michael Caine" was released in February 1984, and spent 8 weeks in British charts peaking at number 11.

The song is about an informer during the troubles in Northern Ireland. It is named after famous English actor Michael Caine and includes his vocal samples, recorded specifically for this song. When he was first approached to appear on the record, he initially turned the band down, but his daughter on hearing this made him change his mind, telling him how popular they were.

The German synthpop band And One recorded a cover of the song on their album 9.9.99 9uhr.

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