• Carol Meyrowitz, CEO
  • Joshua Meyrowitz, communications professor
  • Norman Meyrowitz
  • Robert Meyrowitz, radio producer

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Meyrowitz - See Also
... Meyerowitz This page or section lists people with the surname Meyrowitz ... If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name(s) to the link ...
Presence (telepresence) - Presence in Popular Culture
... Joshua Meyrowitz's 1986 "No Sense of Place" discusses the impact of electronic media on social behavior ... Meyrowitz suggests that television alone will transform the practice of front-stage and back-stage behaviors, as television would provide increased information ... With new and changing media, Meyrowitz says that the patterns of information and shifting accesses to information change social settings, and help do ...
Bob Meyrowitz
... Robert "Bob" Meyrowitz was the co-creator of the world famous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ... In 1999, Meyrowitz created, the first internet radio station ... In January 2008, Meyrowitz announced the formation of his new MMA company, YAMMA Pit Fighting ...
Joshua Meyrowitz - Articles and Journal Publications - "Multiple Media Literacies" - Medium Literacy
... Meyrowitz writes that this type of literacy is most often associated with Marshall McLuhan's work, Understanding Media The Extensions of Man ... Meyrowitz offers dating as an example situation, specifically examining why someone might choose to begin a dating relationship in person (e.g ... Meyrowitz writes that medium literacy is the "least common form of media analysis." He suggests that this may be due to the difficulty in observing environments created by a medium, especially in contrast to ...
Joshua Meyrowitz - No Sense of Place
... Association of Broadcasters and the Broadcast Education Association, Meyrowitz uses the example of the television to describe how communication technologies have shaped and ... According to Meyrowitz, new media like television have removed barriers and increased access to previously restricted information is responsible for the shift in cultural and social ... program at New York University Christine Nystrom was Meyrowitz's thesis adviser, and the other members of his dissertation committee were Henry Perkinson and Neil Postman ...