Metrobus (Sydney) - Routes - M61: Castle Hill To Railway Square

M61: Castle Hill To Railway Square

Operated by Hillsbus

M61 runs from Castle Hill to Railway Square via Baulkham Hills and the M2 Busway and complements the existing 610X service. It commenced on 20 December 2010. The M61 allows passengers to connect with services to Kellyville, Glenwood, Kellyville Ridge, Bella Vista and Stanhope Gardens at bus stops along the M2 Motorway, as well as the Castle Hill Interchange.

Route Diagram
Name of station Stop number Locations served Connections
Castle Hill Interchange 2154190 Castle Hill, Castle Towers Buses: Hills District
Cecil Avenue 2154116 Castle Hill
Church Street 2154117
St Gabriel's 2154118 St Gabriel's School for Hearing Impaired Children
Excelsior Avenue 2154119 Gilroy College
Oxley Avenue 2154120 Baulkham Hills Pool
Baulkham Hills TAFE 2153219 Baulkham Hills TAFE
Chelsea Avenue near TAFE

Cross Street 2153221 Baulkham Hills
Ackling Street 2153222
Hill Street 2153223
Stockland Mall 2153224 Stockland Mall Bus: Carlingford, Epping, North Rocks
Baulkham Hills Bowls Club 2153225 Baulkham Hills Bowls Club
Baulkham Hills Junction

2153226 Baulkham Hills Bus: Parramatta
Charles Street 2153227
Torrs Street 2153228
Barclay Road M2 Bus Station 2151152 North Rocks Bus: Lane Cove, Macquarie Park, Milsons Point, North Sydney, Seven Hills, Blacktown, North Rocks, Beecroft
Oakes Road M2 Bus Station 212511 Carlingford, West Pennant Hills
Wynyard 200036 Martin Place, Theatre Royal Train: Wynyard Station
Clarence Street

Queen Victoria Building 2000136 Queen Victoria Building, Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour Train: Town Hall Station

Bus: Victoria Road

Sydney Town Hall ? Town Hall, Queen Victoria Building, St Andrew's Cathedral, George Street cinemas Train: Town Hall station

Bus: Victoria Road

Goulburn Street 2000116 Chinatown
Railway Square 200866 Haymarket, Sydney Institute of TAFE, Ultimo, USYD, UTS Train: Central Station

Bus: Eastern, Inner West

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