Mesoamerican Writing Systems

Mesoamerican Writing Systems

Mesoamerica, like India, Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt, is one of the few places in the world where writing has developed independently. Mesoamerican scripts deciphered to date are a combination of semasiographic and glottographic script; they are often erroneously called hieroglyphic scripts, but this is an incorrect term because Mesoamerican writing was created independent of Egypt or Near Eastern cultures. Five or six different scripts have been documented in Mesoamerica but archaeological dating methods make it difficult to establish which was earliest and hence the forebear from which the others developed. The best documented and deciphered Mesoamerican writing system, and hence the most widely known, is the classic Maya script. An extensive Mesoamerican literature has been conserved partly in indigenous scripts and partly in the postconquest transcriptions in the Latin script.

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