Merry Mount - Roles


Role Vocal range World Premiere, May 20, 1933
May Festival of the University Musical Society
Ann Arbor, Michigan (Hill Auditorium)
(Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
conductor Howard Hanson)
World Stage Premiere, February 10, 1934
New York, Metropolitan Opera
(conductor Tullio Serafin,
director Wilhelm von Wymetal, Jr.,
design Jo Mielziner,
choreography Rosina Galli)
Wrestling Bradford, a Puritan minister baritone John Charles Thomas Lawrence Tibbett
Lady Marigold Sandys, a Cavalier lady, niece of Thomas Morton soprano Leonora Corona Göta Ljungberg
Plentiful Tewke, Bradford's betrothed contralto Rose Bampton Gladys Swarthout
Sir Gower Lackland, beloved, later husband, of Lady Marigold tenor Frederick Jagel Edward Johnson
Myles Brodrib, Puritan marshal tenor George Galvani Alfredo Gandolfi
Jonathan Banks, Shaker tenor Robert Miller Giordano Paltrinieri
Faint-Not Tinker, Puritan watchman baritone George Galvani Arnold Gabor
Samoset, Indian chief bass Herman Skoog James Wolfe
Desire Annable mezzo-soprano Rose Bampton Irra Petina
Praise-God Tewke baritone Chase Baromeo Louis D'Angelo
Peregrine Brodrib, son of Myles soprano Marjorie McClung Helen Gleason
Love Brewster, twelve-year-old girl soprano Hope Bauer Eddy Lillian Clark
Thomas Morton baritone Herman Skoog George Cehanovsky
Bridget Crackston mezzo-soprano Hope Bauer Eddy Henriette Wakefield
Jack Prence tenor Robert Miller Marek Windheim
Jewel Scrooby, Cavalier priest baritone George Galvani Millo Picca
Two Puritans tenor, bass Herman Skoog, Nelson Eddy Max Altglass, Pompilio Malatesta
Puritans, Cavaliers, Indians

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