Mentone Girls' Grammar School - School Crest

School Crest

The Mentone Girls' Grammar School crest was designed in 1924, by Headmistress, Mary Pearson. To complement the school crest, Pearson developed the school motto of Vero Nihil Verius, which may be translated from Latin as "Nothing truer than Truth".

The crest is based on the design of St. George's shield, and is made up of four components:

  • The three stars represent the Holy Trinity: God the Father; God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • The three wavy gold lines symbolise the school's location by a Bay.
  • The bishop's mitre was added in 1963 to signify the School's association with the Anglican Church of Australia.
  • The colour's of murrey, blue and gold, also add significance. Murrey, a traditional heraldic colour, represents the blood of Christ. Blue represents both the sky and the water and indicates the height and depth of learning. Gold represents the sands of the shore.

Former Headmistress, Prudence Lewty and Bursar Mary Coxall added a laurel wreath around the crest in 1963. In heraldic terms, the laurel wreath identifies heroes returning from battle and technically should only be displayed on crests which have been carried into battle. For this reason the laurel wreath was removed in 1999.

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