Members of The 30th Dáil - Composition of The 30th Dáil

Composition of The 30th Dáil

The position of Ceann Comhairle was contested by John O'Donoghue (FF) and Ruairi Quinn (Lab). Following a vote, John O'Donoghue was elected to this position. The position of Taoiseach was contested by Bertie Ahern (FF) and Enda Kenny (FG). Following a vote Bertie Ahern was elected to this position, making it his third consecutive term in office. On 7 May 2008, Brian Cowen was elected Taoiseach in place of Ahern, who had resigned. Séamus Kirk was elected Ceann Comhairle on 13 October 2009 following the resignation of O'Donoghue.

Party May 2007 January 2011
Fianna Fáil 77 71
Fine Gael 51 51
Labour Party 20 20
Green Party 6 6
Sinn Féin 4 5
Progressive Democrats 2 0
Independents 5 8
Vacant 0 4
Ceann Comhairle 1 1

Government coalition parties denoted with bullets (•)

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