Member Check - Advantages and Disadvantages of Member Checks - Advantages


The greatest advantage in a member check is that the researcher can verify the entirety and completeness of the findings, which is a measurable tool of the accuracy of the findings.

Other Advantages:

  • Provides an opportunity to understand and assess what the participant intended to do through his or her actions
  • Gives participants opportunity to correct errors and challenge what are perceived as wrong interpretations
  • Provides the opportunity to volunteer additional information which may be stimulated by the playing back process
  • Gets respondent on the record with his or her reports
  • Provides an opportunity to summarize preliminary findings
  • Member checks can be useful in action research projects, where researchers work with participants on a continuing basis to help with change.
  • It lessens the risk of participants reporting at a later date that the researcher misunderstood their contributions or claiming investigative error.
  • Enables an assessment of what the participant intended by making exact comments or taking specific actions
  • Shows high credibility and face validity
  • Prevent personal biases from being included within the quantitative research study.
  • Prevent false information from being presented as reliable research.

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