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Fuse (electrical) - Construction
... flows, the element rises to a higher temperature and either directly melts, or else melts a soldered joint within the fuse, opening the circuit ... The fuse ideally would carry its rated current indefinitely, and melt quickly on a small excess ... A dual-element fuse may contain a metal strip that melts instantly on a short-circuit, and also contain a low-melting solder joint that responds to long-term overload of ...
History - Cored Fusible Plugs
... When this melts, it first melts as a narrow channel through the plug ... When overheated, the plug does not release any steam or water until the alloy melts sufficiently to release the centre plug ...
Ionic Liquid
... These substances are variously called liquid electrolytes, ionic melts, ionic fluids, fused salts, liquid salts, or ionic glasses ... Any salt that melts without decomposing or vaporizing usually yields an IL ... Sodium chloride (NaCl), for example, melts at 801 °C (1,474 °F) into a liquid that consists largely of sodium cations (Na+) and chloride anions (Cl−) ...
Igneous Differentiation - Definitions - Primary Melts
... When a rock melts to form a liquid, the liquid is known as a primary melt ... Primary melts have not undergone any differentiation and represent the starting composition of a magma ... In nature, primary melts are rarely seen ...
... These melts result following deformation and metamorphism, but the heat source is uncertain ... the gneiss by garnet-bearing leucogranitic melts both parallel and discordant to the foliation of the gneiss ... This indicates the leucogranite melts were not derived from the local gneiss, however the gneiss is isotopically variable and the leucogranite could ...

Famous quotes containing the word melts:

    But pleasures are like poppies spread,
    You seize the flow’r, its bloom is shed;
    Or like the snow falls in the river,
    A moment white—then melts for ever;
    Robert Burns (1759–1796)

    Hollywood money isn’t money. It’s congealed snow, melts in your hand, and there you are.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)

    Intellect is a fire; rash and pitiless it melts this wonderful bone-house which is called man. Genius even, as it is the greatest good, is the greatest harm.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)