Melting Stones

Melting Stones, a fantasy novel by young adult author Tamora Pierce, was released by Full Cast Audio as an audiobook original in October 2007, and was released in print form by Scholastic in the summer of 2008.

The book takes place after the events of Street Magic, and before the 2005 novel The Will of the Empress, and follows characters Evumeimei Dingzai (nicknamed Evvy) and Rosethorn, former travel companions of Briar Moss, in their journey to the Battle Islands to investigate the death of the local plantlife and an impending volcano eruption.

It was Pierce's suggestion that she write an original novel for Full Cast Audio, and when she first heard young actress Grace Kelly (actual name) read the part of Evvy during rehearsals for Street Magic. The author decided to recast what she had already written from third to first person so that Kelly could actually narrate the recording.

Bruce Coville, publisher of Full Cast Audio, served as editor for the text, and Pierce herself directed the recording. Pierce plans to write at least three more originals for Full Cast Audio.

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Melting Stones - Plot Overview
... Melting Stones follows Evvy, the young stone mage introduced in Street Magic, who accompanies her guardian Rosethorn on a mission to Starns Island to study a mysterious plant die-off ... Islands she is only there because she used her stone magic to damage some rich boys studying at Winding Circle for bothering her friends, and the alternative ... Her power is suppressed by being separated from stone by fathoms of water, repelled by the power of the sea ...

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