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  • Animated McDonald's Happy Meal Megatron (2008)
A small, simple transforming Megatron toy packaged as a prize with McDonald's Happy Meals.
  • Animated Activators Megatron (2008)
A small version of Earth mode Megatron that transforms at the push of a button.
This toy is about 1:99 scale.
Also sold in Japan as part of the "Super Collection Vol. 1" gift set alongside Activators Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Lockdown.
  • Animated Deluxe Cybertron Mode Megatron Battle Damaged (2008)
A Deluxe class toy with painted battle damage and silver paint. This figure was also sold in a Walmart exclusive 2-pack with Deluxe Prowl.
  • Animated Voyager Cybertron Mode Megatron (2008)
A Voyager class toy which represents Megatron in his Cybertronian form from before the series begins; as seen in the series debut episode. Features a single projectile-launching Fusion Cannon that converts into a bladed weapon.
This toy is about 1:60 scale.
  • Animated Leader Megatron (2008)
Released as part of the first wave of toys for the series, it is Megatron as he appears after he gains access to Sari's key card in "Megatron Rising, Pt.1"; as a double-rotor heavy attack helicopter. Features linked main rotors that spin together (and which later transform into swords), a single projectile-launching Fusion Cannon and — as with all Leader-class figures from this series — a light-&-sound function with light-up eyes, chest and cockpit. When the Decepticon symbol button on his chest is pressed, the mouth opens, and his brow drops slightly to one side. In helicopter mode, the button emits a helicopter whirring sound while pressed for an indefinite period of time. In robot mode, Megatron says two lines ("Where is the Allspark?!" and "Crush the Autobots!") and his sinister laugh, as voiced by Corey Burton.
A special Toys "R" Us value pack of Leader Megatron came with Activators Starscream as a bonus.
This toy is about 1:49 scale.
  • Animated Leader Shadow Blade Megatron (2009)
A redeco of the first Leader Class Megatron in black and purple colors.
  • Animated TA-06 Voyager Cybertron Mode Megatron (Takara Tomy) (2010)
The 2010 Japan version by Takara Tomy sports a metallic silver finish and a purple Decepticon emblem on the chest, as opposed to the original's dull gray finish and gold emblem.
Also bundled with TA-01 Voyager Optimus Prime.
  • Animated TA-26 Leader Megatron Light & Sound (Takara Tomy) (2010)
The Japanese version of the Leader Megatron figure sports a metallic silver finish as opposed to the original's matte gray color, and his voice chip is in Japanese (featuring Norio Wakamoto, Megatron's voice). Released on July 2010.
  • Animated Mini EZ Collection Megatron (Takara Tomy) (not yet released)
A new mold that stands at 60 mm tall, shorter than the regular Legends/EZ Collection figures.
  • Animated VS-F Deluxe Cybertron Mode Megatron (Takara Tomy) (not yet released)
A metallic redeco of the Deluxe figure exclusive in Japan. Bundled with Deluxe Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime.
  • Animated Marauder Megatron (canceled)
The Animated reference book AllSpark Almanac II reveals that a resin prototype of a triple-changer Megatron was sculpted for possible production. The prototype transformed into a futuristic jet and tank. By season 3 of the series, however, Hasbro abandoned the proposed design.

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