Median Sulcus

Median sulcus can refer to:

  • median sulcus of the tongue
  • posterior median sulcus (disambiguation)

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Fourth Ventricle - Roof and Floor
... the abducens nucleus in the lower pons sulcus limitans which represents the border between the alar plate and the basal plate of the developing neural ... "median sulcus" - divides the floor in to right and left halves.It extends from cerebral aqueduct of the midbrain to central canal of the spinal cord ... "stria medullaris" - fibers derived from arcuare nuclei, which emerge from the median sulcus and run transversely across the floor to enter into the inferior cerebellar penducle ...
Posterior Median Sulcus
... Posterior median sulcus can refer to Posterior median sulcus of spinal cord Posterior median sulcus of medulla oblongata ...