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Mechanotransduction - Cartilage
... One of the main mechanical functions of articular cartilage is to act as a low-friction, load-bearing surface ... These mechanical loads are absorbed by the cartilage extracellular matrix (ECM), where they are subsequently dissipated and transmitted to ... Chondrocytes sense and convert the mechanical signals they receive into biochemical signals, which subsequently direct and mediate both anabolic (matrix building) and catabolic (matrix degrading ...
List Of Nikola Tesla Patents - American - Patents #51–#100
... moving conductor or element of an electric generator in direct mechanical connection Engine and generator being adjusted by their relative adjustment ... frictional losses, or other factors (which degrade other engines) Convert pressure into mechanical power Better at higher temperatures and pressures than previous engines Same principles of ... of High Frequency - 1896 September 22 - an isochronous mechanical break used in the laboratory at New York, 35 South Fifth Avenue lab for employing currents of different patent covers possible variations within Tesla's ...
Operation Herrick Order Of Battle - Ground Forces - Helmand - Previous Deployments
... The Royal Irish Regiment (27th (Inniskilling), 83rd, 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment) 216 Signal Squadron 7th (Parachute) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery ... Regiment 1st Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 101 Provost Company, Royal Military Police Operation Herrick VIII (April–October 2008) HQ 16 Air Assault Brigade The. 4 Close Support Battalion, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers ...
Railway Signalling - Fixed Signals - Mechanical Signals
... Older forms of signal displayed their different aspects by their physical position ... While this type of signal is still in use in some countries (e.g ... France and Germany), by far the most common form of mechanical signal worldwide is the semaphore signal ...

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    The term preschooler signals another change in our expectations of children. While toddler refers to physical development, preschooler refers to a social and intellectual activity: going to school. That shift in emphasis is tremendously important, for it is at this age that we think of children as social creatures who can begin to solve problems.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)

    The correct rate of speed in innovating changes in long-standing social customs has not yet been determined by even the most expert of the experts. Personally I am beginning to think there is more danger in lagging than in speeding up cultural change to keep pace with mechanical change.
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)