Measurement Volume

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Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy - The Measurement Volume
... The measurement volume is a convolution of illumination (excitation) and detection geometries, which result from the optical elements involved ... The resulting volume is described mathematically by the point spread function (or PSF), it is essentially the image of a point source ... One common way of calibrating the measurement volume parameters is to perform FCS on a species with known diffusion coefficient and concentration (see below) ...
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy - Interpreting The Autocorrelation Function - Normal Diffusion
... is where is the ratio of axial to radial radii of the measurement volume, and is the characteristic residence time ... This form was derived assuming a Gaussian measurement volume ... the normalization used in the previous section, G(0) gives the mean number of diffusers in the volume , or equivalently—with knowledge of the observation volume size—t ...

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