Mc Knight

Mc Knight

McKnight (also MacKnight, Macknight) is a Scottish (Ulster-Scots) surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allen McKnight (born 1964) former Northern Irish & Glasgow Celtic Goalkeeper
  • Bill McKnight (born 1940), former Canadian politician
  • Brian McKnight (born 1969), Grammy-nominated American singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer
  • Chad McKnight (born 1984), American professional basketball player
  • Charles McKnight (1750-1791), American physician
  • Claude V. McKnight III (21st century), gospel music singer
  • Con McKnight (20th century), Irish soccer player
  • Conner McKnight, a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe
  • Dennis McKnight (born 1959), former American football guard
  • Denny McKnight (1848-1900), founding owner of the Pittsburgh Allegheny baseball club
  • Denyss McKnight (born 1982), Canadian electronic musician
  • DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight (21st century), American guitarist
  • Dodge MacKnight (1860–1950), American painter
  • Ella Macknight (1904–1997), Australian obstetrician and gynaecologist
  • Guy McKnight (21st century), lead singer of the band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
  • Ian McKnight (21st century), Jamaican activist
  • James McKnight (born 1972), former American football wide receiver
  • Jeff McKnight (born 1963), Major League Baseball player
  • Jim McKnight (1936-1994), Major League Baseball player
  • Joe McKnight (born 1988), American football tailback
  • Linda McKnight (21st century), double bassist
  • Marc McKnight (born 1983), current bassist and backing vocalist for the metalcore band Atreyu
  • Marian McKnight (born 1936), Miss America 1957
  • Matt McKnight (born 1984), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Reginald McKnight (21st century), American short story author and novelist
  • Rhema McKnight (born 1984), wide receiver for the University of Notre Dame's American football team
  • Robert McKnight (1820-1885), Republican United States Representative from Pennsylvania
  • Scot McKnight (21st century), New Testament scholar
  • Sidney McKnight (born 1955), retired boxer
  • Sumner McKnight Crosby (1909-1982), archaeologist
  • Ted McKnight (born 1954), former professional American football running back
  • Terence E. McKnight (21st century), United States Navy admiral
  • Thomas Macknight (1829–1899), Anglo-Irish newspaper editor, biographer and publisher
  • Thomas McKnight (born 1941), American artist
  • Thomas McKnight (Iowa pioneer), American businessman, politician
  • Tim McKnight, American biologist
  • Tom McKnight, English footballer
  • Tony McKnight (born 1977), retired Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Wes McKnight (1909-1968), Canadian television and radio personality
  • William "Willie" McKnight (1918-1941), Royal Air Force officer
  • William L. McKnight (1887-1978), American businessman
  • William McKnight (born circa 1841), United States Navy sailor

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