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Disney's Animated Films

Originally once established on MBC 2 for a limited time in 2008, MBC Max, in association with sister channel MBC 3, began a scheduled weekly broadcast of a mix of Disney's and Disney/Pixar's animated films. This was done in response to the great and historic popularity of Disney's animated films amongst Arab children and adults alike. In a form of a "bonded-broadcast", every week a single, chosen Disney film would be simultaneously broadcast on both MBC Max and MBC 3, whilst being in its original English track and Arabic dub respectively on each channel.

Despite retaining the English language on MBC Max, the film would still feature Arabic subtitles. This package ran for a time after its "Max-debut" in April 2009, but due to positive response the package has returned in October 2009. Originally, since the particular Disney film is being broadcast in the afternoon U.A.E. time, MBC Max had easily established the MBC 3 print of that particular film which features MBC 3's high-level censorship, but apparently the MBC 3-level censorship is non-existent in the current run on MBC Max, possibly after complaints from its older audience for such absurd censorship.

This package is mostly based on MBC 3's staff decisions, as MBC Max would occasionally, but seldom, broadcast Disney's animated films during other times, although this package insures a weekly appearance of an animated Disney film on MBC Max, regardless of any other schedules.

This package is currently closed as of the end of December 2009.

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