Mayor of The Palace - Mayors of The Palace of Austrasia

Mayors of The Palace of Austrasia

  • Parthemius (until 548)
  • Gogo (c. 567–581), during the minority of Childebert II
  • Wandalenus (from 581), during the minority of Childebert II
  • Gundulf (from 600), under Theudebert II
  • Landric (until 612), probably also in Neustria
  • Warnachar (612–617), also in Burgundy
  • Hugh (or Chucus) (617–623), successor of previous
  • Pepin the Elder (623–629), under Dagobert I
  • Adalgisel (633–639)
  • Pepin the Elder (639–640), again
  • Otto (640–642 or 643)
  • Grimoald I 642 or 643–656), died 662
  • Wulfoald (656–680), also in Neustria (673–675)
  • Pepin the Middle (680–714), took the title Duke and Prince of the Franks (dux et princeps Francorum) after his conquest of Neustria in 687
  • Theudoald (714–715), also in Neustria. Illegitimate son of Grimoald II, designated heir of his grandfather Pepin, opposed by the nobility, who acclaimed Charles Martel
  • Charles Martel (715–741), illegitimate son of Pepin the Middle, also in Neustria (718–741)
  • Carloman (741–747), died 754 or 755
  • Drogo (747–751), son of Carloman

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