Maximum Speed Limit

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Signage - Maximum Speed Limit
... Speed limit sign for 50 km/h (Vienna Convention Sign C 14, most of the world follows this pattern) Alternative Vienna Convention sign with a yellow ...
Speed Limits In The United States - Jurisdictional Distinctions - Oklahoma
... In Oklahoma, the maximum speed limit is 75 miles per hour on turnpikes and 70 mph on all other freeways ... Most other rural highways have a 65 mph speed limit (although some rural divided highways have a 70 mph limit) ... Minimum speed limits that are 25 mph below the maximum speed limit on more or less all Interstate Highways ...
Speed Limits In The United States - Jurisdictional Distinctions - California
... California's "Basic Speed Law", part of the California Vehicle Code, defines the maximum speed at which a car may travel as a "reasonable and prudent" speed, given road conditions ... The numerical limit set by Caltrans engineers for speed limit signs, generally found on all non-controlled-access routes, is considered a presumptive maximum "reasonable and prudent" speed ... Speed limits are typically set by monitoring traffic flow over a period of time and using the 85th percentile ruleā€”the speed at which 85 percent of motorists travel at or below ...

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