Maurice Thorez

Maurice Thorez (28 April 1900 – 11 July 1964) was a French politician and longtime leader of the French Communist Party (PCF) from 1930 until his death. He also served as vice premier of France from 1946 to 1947.

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Maurice Thorez - Post War
... during a period of hyperinflation on the other were the immediate triggers to the dismissal of Thorez and his colleagues from the ruling coalition in May 1947 ... Although the Communists under Thorez's leadership continued to enjoy a dedicated popular following, the French political system operated to isolate and marginalize them for the ... Following the Cominform meeting in September 1947, Thorez abandoned its cooperative attitude towards the other political forces, intending to follow the Zhdanov Doctrine ...
Jeannette Vermeersch - Biography
... this occasion that she would have heard the name of Maurice Thorez spoken for the first time in her presence, a little while before meeting him at the 16th ... Mounette Dutilleul, who had come to Chauny to bring Maurice Thorez orders to desert, issued by the Third International ... Jeannette Vermeersch and her two young sons joined Maurice Thorez in Moscow ...