Matsuda Ryuchi

Matsuda Ryūchi (松田 隆智?, born 1931) is the Japanese author behind A Historical Outline of Chinese Martial Arts and a manga called Kenji (supposibly based on his life story). According to Dr. Kenji Tokitsu, author and practitioner of Japanese martial arts, Matsuda is known for introducing and publicising various Chinese martial arts in Japan.

When he was young, Matsuda learned karate and other traditional Japanese martial arts. Later he learned some Chinese martial arts such as Chen-style taijiquan, Baji Boxing, Northern Mantis Boxing, Bagua Palm, and Yen Ching Boxing. At some point he became a Tibetan Buddhist monk, and his research and writing covered both Buddhism and martial arts.

A Historical Outline of Chinese Martial Arts was originally written in 1979 and later revised when Matsuda lived in Taipei. It has appeared in a number of different editions in Chinese and Japanese and is one of eight books he has written on the martial arts.