Matching Rules

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Ammann–Beenker Tiling - Description of The Tiles
... (This is also done in the above diagram.) The matching rules or substitution relations for the square/triangle do not respect all of its symmetries, however ... In fact, the matching rules for the tiles do not even respect the reflectional symmetries preserved by the substitution rules ... This is the substitution rule for the usual tileset ...
Penrose Tiling - Features and Constructions - Inflation and Deflation - Robinson Triangle Decompositions
... In a Penrose tiling, this choice is fixed by the matching rules – furthermore, the matching rules also determine how the smaller triangles in the tiling compose to give larger ones ... The matching rules force a particular substitution the two AL tiles in a φAL tile must form a kite – thus a kite decomposes into two kites and a two half-darts, and a dart decomposes into a kite and ...
401(k) IRA Matrix - Comparison
... Matching Contributions Matching contributions available from some employers ... Matching contributions available through some employers, but they must sit in a pretax account No matching contributions available Deduction Limits Generally no limit on the amount deductible from ... See full rules ...

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