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Professional Wrestling Match Types
... Many types of wrestling matches, sometimes called "concept" or "gimmick matches" in the jargon of the business, are performed in professional wrestling ... others are developed so as to advance an angle, and such match types are used rarely ... and many things in it have been recycled (many gimmick match types are actually variations of previous gimmick matches), match types can be organized into several loose groups ...
XFAT - Technical Design - Directory Table - Directory Entry
... While DOS Plus 2.1 supported logical sectored FATs with a partition type 0xF2, FAT16B and FAT32 volumes were not supported by these operation systems ... FAT32.IFS or FAT+, as they can never occur on the same type of volume.) Bit Mask Description 7 0x80 F1' Modify default open rules 6 0x40 F2' Partial ... a password as per the access rights bitmap stored at offset 0x14, the system tries to match the hash against the hash code of the currently set global password (by PASSWORD /G) or, if ...
WWF Royal Rumble - Gameplay - Match Types
... In a One-on-One match, two wrestlers (one player versus the computer or two players) square off for a face-to-face bout ... The Brawl match doesn't require a pinfall to win instead, the first player to be entirely drained of his stamina submits in defeat ... A Tag Team match is made up of two teams of two wrestlers (if two players are involved, they can choose to either control opposite teams or be on the same team against the ...

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