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Super Match

The champion played Super Match from Match Game, which was structured just like its classic form. Rayburn and Bauman switched positions once again. As before, the round began with the Audience Match, with the contestant again being able to call on three of the nine celebrities for help. The payouts raised to $1,000 for the most popular answer, with $500 and $250 for each successive answer.

For the Head-To-Head Match, the contestant selected one of the nine celebrities, each of whom concealed a different multiplier. Four celebrities held a 10, four held a 20, and one had a 30. The chosen panelist then revealed his/her multiplier, which was then multiplied by the Audience Match earnings to create the prize the contestant was playing for; the potential top prize was $30,000. As always, the match had to be exact, or no money was awarded.

Unlike on the previous version of Match Game, the round did not end if the contestant failed to provide a top three answer for the audience match. Instead, a contestant chose a celebrity and played the Head-To-Head Match for $100 multiplied by the figure hidden by that celebrity.

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