Massive Stars

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Star - Characteristics - Mass
... One of the most massive stars known is Eta Carinae, with 100–150 times as much mass as the Sun its lifespan is very short—only several million years at most ... Arches cluster suggests that 150 solar masses is the upper limit for stars in the current era of the universe ... which defines the maximum amount of luminosity that can pass through the atmosphere of a star without ejecting the gases into space ...
Planetary Habitability - Alternative Star Systems - Massive Stars
... Recent research suggests that very large stars, greater than ~100 solar masses, could have planetary systems consisting of hundreds of Mercury-sized planets within the habitable zone ... Such systems could also contain brown dwarfs and low-mass stars (~0.1-0.3 solar masses) ... However the very short lifespans of stars of more than a few solar masses would scarcely allow time for a planet to cool, let alone the time needed for a stable biosphere ...
Red Giant - Evolution
... Red giants are evolved from main-sequence stars with masses in the range from about 0.3M☉ to somewhere around 8M☉ ... When a star initially forms from a collapsing molecular cloud in the interstellar medium, it contains primarily hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of "m ... These elements are all uniformly mixed throughout the star ...
Type Ib And Ic Supernovae - Formation
... Prior to becoming a supernova, an evolved massive star is organized in the manner of an onion, with layers of different elements undergoing fusion ... This can occur when a very hot, massive star reaches a point in its evolution when significant mass loss is occurring from its stellar wind ... Highly massive stars (with 25 or more times the mass of the Sun) can lose up to 10−5 solar masses each year—the equivalent of a solar mass every 100,000 years ...
Virpi Niemelä
... Her work has had a strong influence in the areas of massive stars and close binaries, especially Wolf-Rayet stars ... She pioneered work on Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds, massive stars in stellar associations and interstellar bubbles around massive stars ... To mark her seventieth birthday, an international workshop on massive stars was held in Carilo on 11-14 December 2006 ...

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