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Intermediate-mass Black Hole - Observational Evidence
... previously there had been no certain evidence of the existence of intermediate-mass black holes, a team at the CSIRO radio telescope in Australia announced ... However, only a dynamical mass measurement from the analysis of the optical spectrum of the companion star can unveil the presence of an IMBH as the compact accretor of ... Also, the M-sigma relation predicts the existence of black holes with masses of 104 to 106 solar masses in low-luminosity galaxies ...
Supermassive Black Hole - Formation
... The origin of supermassive black holes (SMBH) remains an open field of research ... Astrophysicists agree that once a black hole is in place in the center of a galaxy, it can grow by accretion of matter and by merging with other black holes ... mechanisms and initial masses of the progenitors, or "seeds", of supermassive black holes ...
Black Hole - Properties and Structure - Physical Properties
... The simplest black holes have mass but neither electric charge nor angular momentum ... These black holes are often referred to as Schwarzschild black holes after Karl Schwarzschild who discovered this solution in 1916 ... that there is no observable difference between the gravitational field of such a black hole and that of any other spherical object of the same mass ...

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    The ornament is a statuette, a black figure of a bird. I am prepared to pay on behalf of the figure’s rightful owner the sum of $5000 for its recovery. I am prepared to promise, to promise ... what is the phrase?—’No questions will be asked.’
    John Huston (1906–1987)

    No man’s thoughts are new, but the style of their expression is the never-failing novelty which cheers and refreshes men. If we were to answer the question, whether the mass of men, as we know them, talk as the standard authors and reviewers write, or rather as this man writes, we should say that he alone begins to write their language at all.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)