Mary Warren

Mary Warren

Mary Ann Warren was the oldest of the accusers during the 1692 Salem witch trials, in her teens. She was a servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor. Renouncing her claims after being threatened to be hanged, she was later arrested for practicing witchcraft herself, but did not confess. Her life after the trials is unknown. Her parents and sister died early in her life, forcing her to become a servant.

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Mary Warren - The Crucible
... Mary Warren is a character in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller ... Mary Warren is a very weak person in the play, who gives in to pressure a number of times ... However, Warren’s confession comes to nothing, as Williams accuses Warren of witchcraft, which leads to Warren renouncing her confession and accusing Proctor of forcing her to make it ...
Church Of The Holy Cross (Troy, New York)
... The church was founded by Mary Warren in the early 1840s ... Under the direction of Mary Warren's son, Nathan B ... Warren, the church nave was built from designs by Alexander Jackson Davis in 1844 ...
The Crucible - Characters (in Order of Appearance)
... as being "a fat, sly, merciless girl of eighteen." She and the other girls browbeat Mary Warren into silence about what she saw in the woods in Act I ... In Act III, she and the other girls claim to be under the influence of Mary Warren's spirit, which causes them to see and feel various phenomena ... Mary Warren Mary Warren serves as housemaid for the Proctors after Abigail Williams ...
Timeline Of The Salem Witch Trials - Outbreak of Accusations
... February 25 Mary Sibley, a neighbor of the Parris family, tells John Indian, the husband of Tituba, the recipe to make a "witch cake" of rye meal and the girls ... Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott and Mary Warren later alleged affliction as well ... June 8 Abigail Hobbs, Bridget Bishop, Giles Corey and Mary Warren are examined ...

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