Martial Masters - Characters


Many of the characters are heavily based on Hong Kong Martial Arts films including Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master and Operation Scorpio.

  • Master Huang - He is not the same Huang Fei Hung from Alien Challenge; however, they are both based on the real life folk hero Wong Fei Hung.
  • Crane - A female kung fu practicer whose style is the Crane kung fu style. Crane might not her real name.
  • Monk - A very muscled shao-lin monk who practices martial arts.
  • Drunk Master - Based in the character Druken Master of a movie with the same name featuring Jackie Chan as the young Wong Fei Hung.
  • Red Snake - A female kung fu artist who practice the snake kung fu style, she is engaged with Scorpion, pretty much for his dismay.
  • Ghost Kick - Based on the character Club Foot from Once Upon a Time in China III. He is a ricksaw puller who fight only with his legs.
  • Scorpion - Based on the villain Sunny from Operation Scorpion, his style is the scorpion kung fu style. He is a very cold man who is engaged with Red Snake, pretty much for his dismay.
  • Monkey Boy A 21-year-old man who practices the monkey kung fu style, he also has some monkeys as his "disciples".
  • Reika - A girl whose town was destroyed by the White Lotus Cult in a failed attempt to kidnap her. She fights to find out the reason of her kidnapping.
  • Tiger - A character which might be based in Tiger from Once Upon a Time in China. Unlike the Tiger from the movie, he is a kind hearted man who protect missionaries against the xenophobic White Lotus Cult. He practice the tiger kung fu style.
  • Saojin - Huang Fei Hung father's sworn sister and his sworn aunt, she is based in "13th aunt from the Once Upon a Time in China series. She is a secret playable character and sub-boss for Red Snake. Her style is unknown, she is the only character who have helpers who are Leung Foon, Lam Sai Wing and Bucket So (all Master Huang's disciples who also appear in his stage, however they are no longer there if Saojin is present).
  • Lotus Master - A mysterious man who pose as the leader of White Lotus Cult who wishes to take over the sect, he is based on Priest Kung from Once Upon a Time in China II. His style is unknown, however is labeled as "secret skills of White Lotus Cult".
  • True Lotus Master - The true leader of White Lotus Cult, he can be considered as an over powered version of Lotus Master. Also a secret playable character, however he have no endings of his own.

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