Martial Law in Trondheim in 1942

Martial Law In Trondheim In 1942

During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, the occupying powers imposed martial law in Trondheim and surrounding areas effective October 6, 1942 through October 12, 1942. During this time, 34 Norwegians were killed by extrajudicial execution. This also served as a pretext for the arrest and detention of all male Jewish inhabitants of the area as part of the Holocaust in Norway.

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Martial Law In Trondheim In 1942 - Effects and Legacy
... Imposition of martial law in Trondheim and surrounding areas was characteristic of Terboven's "iron fist" policy of governing Norway through fear, intimidation, and ... In truth, Norway was already under martial law by any conventional standard ... The imposition of Terboven's version of martial law added capricious, deadly violence to make a point that was already clear to the Norwegian public ...

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