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Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq - Appointment of Martial Law Governors
... to carte blanche provincial administration under martial law ... comrade and foul-mouth Lieutenant-General Fazhle Haque was appointed Martial Law Administrator of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province ... Abbasi who was appointed Martial Law Administrator of Sindh Province his tenure too saw civil disorder amid student riots ...
Syed Mohammad Ahsan - East Pakistan Crisis - Reasoning With East-Pakistan Disaster
... level government meeting chaired by Chief Martial Law Administrator General Yahya Khan ... And, Chief Martial Law Administrator General Yahya Khan ordered his commanders in Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy, to launch an extreme military action to curb the resistance, despite repeated calls made by ... On March 7, Admiral Ahsan resigned, in protest, from his position as Martial Law Administrator, and also resigned from his position as the Unified Commander of Pakistan Armed Forces in East ...
Syed Mohammad Ahsan
... He was the most trusted companion of President and Chief Martial Law Administrator Field Marshal Ayub Khan and was present at every meeting chaired by Khan ... after his tenure as Chief of Naval Staff, Chief Martial Law Administrator General Yahya Khan appointed Vice-Admiral Ahsan as Martial Law Administrator of East Pakistan at the ... On 1 September 1969, Vice-Admiral Ahsan assumed the command of East Pakistan as Martial Law Administrator with absolute and authoritative gubernatorial and ...
Martial Law - By Country - Israel
... areas were subject to a number of controlling measures that amounted to martial law ... In the 1950s, martial law ceased to be in effect for those Arab citizens living in predominantly Jewish cities, but remained in place in all Arab ... The West Bank is under Israeli martial law since 1967 to present, and Gaza Strip was under martial law until 2005, the Syrian Golan Heights was also under Israeli martial law, but after the ...

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    Lie lightly on her, turf and dew:
    She put so little weight on you.
    —Marcus Valerius Martial (c. 40–104)

    They who say that women do not desire the right of suffrage, that they prefer masculine domination to self-government, falsify every page of history, every fact in human experience. It has taken the whole power of the civil and canon law to hold woman in the subordinate position which it is said she willingly accepts.
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815–1902)