Marnardal Station

Marnardal Station (Norwegian: Marnardal stasjon) is a railway station located in Marnardal, Norway on Sørlandet Line. The station is served by regional trains operated by the Norwegian State Railways to Stavanger and Kristiansand.

All regional trains stop at Marnardal station if needed. This means that passengers wishing to travel from Marnardal must stand visible on the platform when the train comes, or pre-order the ticket via telephone or Internet. If the train driver can not see anybody on the platform, and nobody on board wants to leave, the train will simply pass the station at reduced speed, without stopping.

Marnardal Station has a waiting room which is open always, except Saturday night from 21.00 to Sunday 07.00 (Automatic door lock). There is no ticket office, ATM or crew on the station, but there is a restroom and 15 free parking spaces for passenger´s cars. There is also a bicycle parking under a roof.

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Marnardal Station - History
... The station was opened in 1943 when Sørlandsbanen was extended from Kristiansand Station to Moi Station ... Preceding station Line Following station Audnedal Sørlandet Line Breland Preceding station Regional trains Following station Audnedal Stavanger–Kristiansand Breland or Nodeland ...

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