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SaFranko’s work primarily features in the crime and confessional genres. They consistently reflect characters with psychological unease, fighting for a sense of calm; perhaps indicative of SaFranko’s own mental state: “I've never felt at peace. Ever. But I like the chaos raging in my mind. It proves you're alive. Maybe when you're truly at peace, you die. Maybe not.” SaFranko is a long-term friend of fellow author Dan Fante (Mooch, Chump Change). SaFranko introduced Fante to his current wife, and both have young children. SaFranko claims: “I owe him an enormous debt that I can never pay back”, while Fante says: “I believe the guy would rather write than breathe. I envy his talent and commitment." Both of the authors’ success has largely come in the confessional genre, and both have been compared to Knut Hamsun (Hunger), Louis-Ferdinand Celine (Journey To The End of the Night), Charles Bukowski (Post Office) and John Fante (Ask The Dust). However, many reviewers assert SaFranko has a distinctive voice: “It's easy to spot the Hamsun, Bukowski and Fante on SaFranko's bookshelves, but to say Hating Olivia is just a facsimile of these writers is way off the mark. SaFranko writes from the heart... crafting a furious and passionate piece of work that is entirely his own, with some scenes that would make even Bukowski blush."

Amongst SaFranko’s literary output, there are four novels: Hating Olivia, Lounge Lizard, The Favor, and Hopler’s Statement.

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