Maria Maddalena De' Medici - Ancestry


Ancestors of Maria Maddalena de' Medici
16. Giovanni de' Medici il Popolano
8. Giovanni dalle Bande Nere
17. Caterina Sforza
4. Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
18. Jacopo Salviati
9. Maria Salviati
19. Lucrezia de' Medici
2. Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
20. Fadrique Alvarez de Toledo
10. Pedro Álvarez de Toledo
21. Isabel de Zúñiga y Pimentel
5. Eleonora di Toledo
22. Luis Pimentel y Pacheco
11. Maria Osorio Pimentel,
Marchioness of Villafranca del Bierzo
23. Juana Osorio y Bazán
1. Maria Maddalena de' Medici
24. Antoine, Duke of Lorraine
12. Francis I, Duke of Lorraine
25. Renée of Bourbon-Montpensier
6. Charles III, Duke of Lorraine
26. Christian II of Denmark
13. Christina of Denmark
27. Isabella of Austria
3. Christina of Lorraine
28. Francis I of France
14. Henry II of France
29. Claude of France
7. Claude of Valois
30. Lorenzo II de' Medici, Duke of Urbino
15. Catherine de' Medici
31. Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne
Tuscan princesses by birth
1st generation
  • Princess Maria
  • Isabella, Duchess of Bracciano
  • Lucrezia de' Medici, Duchess of Ferrara
  • Princess Maria
  • Virginia, Duchess of Modena^
2nd generation
  • Eleonora, Duchess of Mantua
  • Princess Rommola
  • Princess Anna
  • Princess Isabella
  • Princess Lucrezia
  • Marie, Queen of France
  • Princess Eleonora
  • Princess Caterina
  • Princess Maria Maddalena
  • Claudia, Archduchess of Further Austria
3rd generation
  • Princess Maria Cristina
  • Margherita, Duchess of Parma
  • Anna, Archduchess of Further Austria
  • Catherine, Duchess of Mantua and Montferrat
4th generation
  • none
5th generation
6th generation
  • none
7th generation
  • Princess Maria Anna*
  • Maria Christina, Duchess of Teschen*
  • Princess Maria Elisabeth*
  • Maria Amalia, Duchess of Parma*
  • Princess Maria Johanna Gabriela*
  • Princess Maria Josepha*
  • Maria Carolina, Queen of Naples and Sicily*
  • Maria Antonia, Queen of France*
8th generation
  • Maria Theresia, Queen of Saxony*
  • Princess Maria Anna*
  • Princess Maria Amalia*
  • Maria Clementina, Hereditary Princess of Naples*
9th generation
  • Princess Carolina Ferdinande*
  • Princess Maria Luisa*
  • Maria Theresa, Queen of Sardinia*
10th generation
  • Princess Maria Carolina*
  • Auguste Ferdinande, Princess Luitpold of Bavaria*
  • Princess Maria Maximiliana*
  • Maria Isabella, Countess of Trapani*
  • Princess Maria Theresia*
  • Princess Maria Cristina*
  • Princess Maria Anna*
  • Maria Luisa, Princess of Ysenburg and Büdingen*
11th generation
  • Princess Maria Antonietta*
  • Louise, Crown Princess of Saxony*
  • Anna, Princess of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein*
  • Princess Margareta*
  • Princess Germana*
  • Princess Agnes*
  • Maria Theresa, Archduchess Charles Stephen of Austria*
  • Karoline Marie, Princess Leopold of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha*
  • Princess Maria Antonietta*
  • Maria Immakulata, Duchess Robert of Württemberg*
  • Princess Henriette*
12th generation
  • Helena, Duchess Philipp of Württemberg*
  • Rosa, Duchess of Württemberg*
  • Princess Dolores*
  • Maria Immaculada, Nobile Inigo Neri Sereneri*
  • Margarita, Marchioness Taliani di Marchio*
  • Princess Maria Antonia, Mrs. Luis Pérez*
  • Princess Assunta, Mrs. Joseph Hopfinger*
  • Elisabeth, Countess of Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems*
  • Hedwig, Countess of Stolberg-Stolberg*
  • Gertrud, Countess of Waldburg-Zeil-Trauchburg*
  • Princess Maria Elisabeth*
  • Princess Agnes*
13th generation
  • Elisabeth, Edle Hubert von Braun*
  • Alice, Baroness Vittorio Manno*
  • Marie Antoinette, Freifrau von Proff zu Irnich*
  • Princess Marie Christine*
  • Princess Walburga, Mrs. Carlos Tasso*
  • Princess Verena*
  • Princess Katharina, Mrs. Roland Huber*
  • Agnes, Freifrau Peter von Fürstenberg*
  • Maria Ileana, Countess Adam Kottulinski*
  • Alexandra, Freifrau Viktor von Baillou*
  • Maria Magdalena, Freifrau von Holzhausen*
  • Princess Elisabeth, Mrs. Friedrich Sandhofer*
  • Agnes, Princess Karl Alfred of Liechtenstein*
  • Princess Maria Margaretha*
  • Princess Ludovica*
  • Princess Allix*
  • Josepha, Countess Clemens of Waldstein-Wartenberg*
  • Valerie, Margravine of Baden*
  • Alberta, Freifrau Alexander von Kottwitz-Erdödy*
  • Theresa, Princess Rasso of Bavaria*
  • Maria Inmakulata, Countess Reinhart of Hoensbroech*
14th generation
  • Princess Marie Bernadette, Mrs. Rupert Wolff*
  • Princess Katharina, Mrs. Niall Brooks*
  • Princess Alicia*
  • Princess Maria Christina*
  • Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Andreas Baumgartner*
  • Princess Marie Valerie, Mrs. Martin Josef Wagner*
  • Princess Hedwig*
  • Princess Veronika*
15th generation
  • Princess Tatyana*
  • Princess Anabella*
  • Princess Tara*
Name Maria Maddalena De' Medici
Alternative names
Short description
Date of birth 29 June 1600
Place of birth Pitti Palace, Florence
Date of death 28 December 1633
Place of death Florence

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